You can’t outrun a poor diet- British Journal of Sports Medicine

In an editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine Aseem Malhotra, Tim Noakes and Stephen Phinney attack the idea that exercise is beneficial in terms of weight loss.

Whilst they are careful to state that exercise has many benefits weight loss doesn’t appear to be among them and that efforts would be better spent addressing poor diet rather than encouraging people to do more exercise.

“A recent report from the UK’s Academy of Medical Royal Colleges described ‘the miracle cure’ of performing 30 min of moderate exercise, five times a week, as more powerful than many drugs administered for chronic disease prevention and management.1 Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and some cancers by at least 30%. However, physical activity does not promote weight loss.”

The whole editorial is available at the link below though it may be time sensitive.

Source: It is time to bust the myth of physical inactivity and obesity: you cannot outrun a bad diet — Malhotra et al. — British Journal of Sports Medicine

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