The Only Man Ever Cured of AIDS – The Scientist Magazine

Timothy Ray Brown has gone from medical marvel to HIV/AIDS activist, spreading the hope that researchers can eventually develop a cure for the disease.In 2006, Timothy Ray Brown was bicycling through Berlin on his lunch break. He regularly cruised the city on two wheels, making a daily 14-mile round trip for work. But on this day, he got off and walked, too tired to make it back to work. “I called my partner and said, ‘I need to get an appointment with a doctor,’” Brown recalls. Blood tests led to a bone marrow biopsy, which led to a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. From there a remarkable series of circumstances—some fortuitous, others debilitating—catapulted Brown into medical history: to this day he remains the only person who has been cured of AIDS.

Source: Miraculous Activist | The Scientist Magazine®

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