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Death by Food Pyramid by Denise Minger

Conventional nutrition guidance has taken a battering in recent years. Many of the ideas  that have been drummed into our psyches; the notion that saturated fat is bad, cholesterol is bad, vegetable oils and whole grains are healthy have been turned on their heads. Not though you would notice, as it seems to business as usual at many of the institutions the public look to for information.

The United States Department of Agriculture is one such institution that finds itself in the position of both promoting U.S. agriculture whilst providing advice about what constitutes a healthy diet. If those two things seem contradictory to you, it’s because you possess a functional brain, and what better way to engage that grey matter of yours than to read Death by Food Pyramid?

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Starting Strength 3rd Edition by Mark Rippetoe

Having seen only a few YouTube videos and maybe an article or two by him on the bodybuilding site T-Nation I know little of the man outside of seeing his name often bandied about the internet but his first chapter would certainly look at home in any number of paleo/primal exercise books. We are animals, products of evolution and our bodies are poorly adapted for modern life. Just as dogs need to walk, horses run and monkeys climb, we need…. Well, at least according to Rippetoe we need to stimulate our bodies sufficiently the way they expect to be after countless millennia of evolution.

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The Paleo Manifesto by John Durant

Paleo Manifesto book cover
Paleo Manifesto book cover

Increasingly, the Paleo movement seems to be diverging into its own little cliques and tribes (which may be kind of fitting for a movement that harkens back to our nomadic hunter-gatherer ancestry). Here John sets out not so much as to tell you how to live a Paleo life in modern times, but to argue why. Interestingly, for a book with the word paleo in the title, Durant spends much of his time talking about the other ages of man, too.

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